Return to site Detailed Review has been offering its services for the past ten years, enough time to refine its academic writing services and to develop its business model. The company provides writing services for undergraduate and graduate students.


To make this review, we took into consideration other customer reviews, testimonials and feedback found in other places and on their website too. For the personal experience, we also impersonated a student and made an order on their website.

The writers

Custom Writing claims they have writers who can create a paper on any topic and any type of assignment. In this respect, we can say that the quality of services is high and comprehensive. They also provide papers and essays that can be reviewed by potential customers.

There is not much mentioned about the writers, except that they hold Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from renowned universities in the UK and the US.

The services

We chose to review a paper on immigration, and we can say that it had good length for a college paper, and it was formatted nicely. The drawback was that the writer repeated the same ideas over and over again to get to the required number of words. There were also quite many grammar and word usage errors, maybe because the writer was a non-native English speaker. The paper we have ordered had the same issues.

We also found a business case study of IKEA that we have seen on other websites. We are not sure who has the original.

The testimonials

The testimonials on their website were favorable, but the customer reviews we have found on the Internet were mixed. The negative ones stated poor resources and writing quality, and some students claimed they had troubles in getting their revisions accomplished.

Customer support agents

We contacted the customer support agents using the live chat option and by phone. We asked detailed questions about their services and although they offered general information, they were not able to respond to more complicated questions. We were told to fill in the order form and to talk directly to our assigned writer about any details.

Prices, discounts, promo codes and coupon codes

The prices we have found on Custom Writing are among the highest on the market. For an 8-page paper, due in 7 days you would pay $287.92 and with the new customer discounts, the price would drop to $231.92. If you select the Platinum package for your paper, you must be ready to cash out $719.80.

We were given a promo code for new customers that was advertised all over their website and another link got us to other discount plans. Students can get discounts varying from 3% to 15% if they write positive reviews on Site Jabber, Facebook and Trust Pilot and show proof of the posting.

CustomWriting also offers the standard free pages that are offered by other companies and guarantees secure payment and confidentiality.

Our rating for Custom Writing is fair, and we do not consider the website to be fraud or scam. Taking into consideration that their prices are so high, and the quality is just fair, we would not recommend them. Also, we did not like the strategy they are using to bribe students for good reviews.

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